Romantic Letter to Wife

February 10, 2010

Julia Brown


Dundee, DD5 4HN

My Julia,

I could never forget the day you agreed to marry me – your eyes sparkled like jewels, your skin glowed, your sweet-smelling scent filled my senses.  The skies seemed to light up and I felt like I was in heaven.  It was the happiest day in my life!

I thank the Lord everyday for giving you to me.  I treasure every moment we have together, and when we have to be apart, I could hardly wait for your return.  Some say that getting married is like getting your hands and feet tied down, but for me it is having a special bond between us that I never want to be broken.

I know that I can get through everything that life throws at me knowing that you are by my side.  I promise you that I will be here for you always and forever.

Your Husband,


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