Romantic Letter to Girlfriend

March 20, 2010

Christine Bean


Lancashire, L38 5QP

Dear Christine,

Every day that you are away is such an agony for me.  Time seems to tick by so slowly as I wait for you to finally come home so we can be together again.  I miss you terribly, and though I know that we are apart now for a good reason, I still cannot help but feel sad.

Every night I look at our pictures together, all those happy moments visiting our favorite places.  After our nightly calls I immediately sit down on my bed to write you a letter.  Time is not enough for me to share all my thoughts and learn more about you.

I will do everything to be able to visit you soon.  Please write back lest my heart breaks out of loneliness.  I miss you and I love you so much!

Lovingly yours,


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