Romantic Letter Template


Name of friend

Address of friend


Dearest (name),

Love makes the world go round, and yours makes my world do so in a happier way.  Each day that passes is more special for me because I have you in my life.  If not for you, my world would be gloomy and sad because you are the light of my life.

I look at the world in a different way now – simple things are more interesting, boring routine becomes more exciting, and life becomes more meaningful because of you.  I have learned so many good things from you.  Life is meant to be lived sharing ourselves to others – giving to those in need, caring for those who have been disregarded, sharing our blessings with family and friends.  Most importantly, you have taught me what true love is; it is unconditional and humble, true love is selfless and kind.

I love you with all my heart.

Your love,


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