Romantic Birthday Letter

December 1, 2010

Charlie Wales

Brymore Road, Canterbury

Kent, CT2 1HP

Dear Charlie,

This day is truly a day to celebrate – for twenty happy years you have had and for all the blessings you have received.  For me, this day is special, too as it symbolizes the day you were born.  I thank the Lord for giving you to me as a partner in life.

I still remember when you first introduced me to your parents.  How proud they were of you!  And they have all the right to be because they have the best son in the world.  You have brought joy and laughter in my life.  You always see the best in me and you inspire me to always strive for my dreams.  I lovingly tell you now that you are the fulfillment of my ultimate dream – to have a devoted husband and a happy family.

Happy birthday dearest.  May the Lord bless you with good health and prosperity.



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