Retirement Resignation Letter


Britney Spears


Human Resource Department

Blender’s Pride Limited

234 North Hampton Road,

Succex City 5345

United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter for my resignation retirement

Dear Mrs. Spears,

It regret to inform you that I am planning to retire from my services in this organization. After lot of planning and thinking I have come to this decision.

I had joined this organization twenty years back in the position of assistant manager and since then have been promoted thrice and currently working in the position of general manager. I have learnt a lot from this company and this is the best organization I have worked with  in my entire professional career. I have decided to spend rest of my life by travelling to different parts of the world.

I would be grateful if you accept my retirement and organize for the necessary formalities so that I can be released from my services.


Nathan Lee

Employee id: 2367

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