Retirement News Letter


Mr Norrington,

Sales manager,

YBS shopping complex


Mr Swift,

Sales clerk,

YBS shopping complex

Dear Mr Swift,

I, Mr Norrington, the sales manager of the YBS shopping complex, am writing this letter, on behalf of the entire management of the YBS shopping complex. The matter under concern for writing this letter is that you have approached your retirement mark. There is hardly anyone in the shopping complex, irrespective of the department in which he or she serves, who is not aware of the integrity and the loyalty which you showcased in your work all over the years.

The YBS shopping complex is going to miss you not only for your work but for everything which you brought to work. You made work time a fun time, without hampering any aspect of work. But, like every good thing comes to an end, the tenure for your work also comes to an end in the next week. We wish you a happy retirement and fulfilment of all your wishes.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Norrington

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