Retirement Letter To Teacher

Bedford High School for Girls

Bromham Road

Bedford MK40 2BS

September 10, 2011

Ms. Sophia Collins

The Tabbard Mansion

10 Derry Street

London W8 5TT

Dear Ms. Collins,

I am writing on behalf of the class in Bedford High School for Girls which you have supervised for the last

four years. We are proud to say that you were a great adviser and the values that you have inculcated in

our young minds will guide us through the years ahead.

It is with a heavy heart that we bid you fa rewell on your last term of teaching. Bedford High School for

Girls will surely miss one of the finest faculties it ever had. But we know that you indeed would love to

get the most of your retirement years, to spend it with a leisurely pace, admiring the b eauty of nature in

your cute country home which you often mention to us.

We would love to keep the bond between us, so please keep in touch. We will dearly miss you, our

“mother” in school. Good luck on your new phase in life.


Your students of Class 4A

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