Retirement Letter To Friend

Ms. Marie Bishop

22 Wimbledon Hill Road


London SW19 7QW

September 10, 2011

Ms. Rose Callaghan

55 The Mansion


London W5 3NE

Dear Rose,

I am writing to let you know that September 30, 2011 will be my last day at work at Global Media Quest.

You have witnessed the journey I

took in my career in that organization. Nothing escaped your

knowledge from all the ups and downs of my work. You were there during the most trying moments

when a promotion was denied of me – you cheered me up. Remember the red dress you let me wore to

the office to lift my spirit? And you were the first to celebrate when eventually I got my promotion.

I could not thank you enough for all the encouragements you have shown. It is as if you wer e the one

experiencing all the challenges I have to face at the office. It is very rare to find a true friend like you

and so I take this opportunity to let you know of this retirement for I am getting married and Rob, my

future husband, wants me to co-manage his business.

I will surely keep in touch with you. Nothing has changed with our friendship.



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