Retirement Letter From Parliament


The Parliament


Mrs Collins,

Member of Parliament

Dear Mrs Collins,

This letter has been drafted on behalf of entire parliament. The entire parliament was in a state of shock when the news of your retirement surfaced suddenly from nowhere. However, the truth has to be accepted and the truth has to be respected, as you have always said. Every good thing comes to an end and so is your tenure as the Member of the Parliament of our country.

You have discharged your duties in an admiring way and that there is hardly any loophole in the decisions which you made in the critical times for the Parliament sessions. There is hardly anyone to match the calibre which you showed in the working period of your tenure as the Member of the Parliament. The entire Parliament wishes you the best for your life ahead of your retirement from the post of the Member of the Parliament. Thanking you for your valuable services,

Yours faithfully and truthfully,

Entire Parliament

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