Retirement Letter From Employer

September 30, 2010

Mr. Paul Gregson

Fulbourne Road, Walthamstow

London, E15 4EG

Dear Paul,

I write this letter to inform you of your retirement as Supervisor of the Marketing Department.  I know it will be a happy moment in your life but I bring you this news with mixed feelings of joy and sadness.

You are one of the best employees this company has had.  You have consistently been dedicated and excellent in your work.  We will surely miss you, especially in the early mornings since you always arrive earliest at the office.  You have always given the company your best effort, even working beyond office hours and volunteering for tasks that are outside your job description.  It has been wonderful having you as an employee for twenty-five years.  Truly, you have contributed a lot to the success that our company enjoys today.

I genuinely hope you would enjoy your retirement days.  May the Lord bless you with more success and prosperity.

Yours sincerely,

William Vinney

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