Retirement Greetings Letter


The marketing department,

Trigger mobile services


Mr Swann,

Sales manager,

Northumberland branch,

Trigger mobile services

Dear Mr Swann,

This letter has been drafted and forwarded to you on the behalf of entire sales department of the Northumberland branch of the Trigger mobile services ltd. The news of your retirement came to us like a shock wave since no one in the sales department was wishing to part away from such a motivating and staff friendly leader in the organization.

Slowly and steadily everyone got accustomed to the shocking news. There are many things which everyone would lie to say you on a personal basis; however there is only one thing which we all can say as a collective unit which you created and that is a Thank You. It has been a very wonderful experience of working under the expert supervision which you provided and there has been never even a hint of any doubt in the decisions which you took for the organization and the staff. Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

The sales department working staff

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