Retirement Farewell Letter


John Woo

Employee id: 6789

Customer Service executive

Marketing department

24 Roger Moore Road

New Hampshire 4567


Subject: Letter for retirement farewell

Dear Mr. Woo,

This letter is to bid you farewell on behalf of the members in the organization on your retirement.

You have worked in this organization for tenure of twenty years, which has been an eventful one as you have worked hard for the success and development of the organization. We all will miss you at the workplace which you made so joyful and comfortable with your presence.

We understand that you are entering a different phase in your life and will be bidding good bye to your professional work life. We wish that you enjoy your personal life and have a good time with your family. Wishing you a healthy life and all the best for your future years.

Yours sincerely,

Brett Lee

Human Resource Manager

HR department



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