Retirement Employee Letter


Mr Austin,

Divisional head,

Relief Mattresses ltd


All entire Lancashire division,

Relief Mattresses ltd

Dear people,

I, Mr Austin, the head of the Lancashire division of the Relief Mattresses ltd, am writing to you all for the last time. This is because of the fact that the retirement date for my services has arrived and there is not much time left for me in this institution. I just want to convey the thought that you were the best unit which a person can demand for to work with.

There have been instances when I have been quite rude in my approach; but after spending so much time with me you all might have noticed that I am quite moody. And the only thing which made this moody person survive so long in this institution is the team which he got in the face of all of you. Thank you for co-operating with me in all good and bad times. I wish you all a very prosperous life ahead.

Signing off,

Mr Austin

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