Retirement Announcement Letter

Ms. Eve Margon

Human Resources Officer

XYZ Publishers

August 6, 2010

The Staff

XYZ Publishers

Dear staff,

I sadly announce to you that after thirty years of service, our dedicated and hard-working editor, Mr. Peter William, will be retiring from our publication effective next month.  We greet Mr. William’s retirement with sorrow but we are also happy for Mr. William for he can now enjoy his own time.

Mr. William is one of the best editors this publication has had in its thirty-five years of existence.  After working only a year as a reporter, he was soon promoted as news editor because of his excellent performance and professionalism.  Mr. William is one of the first editors who introduced valuable changes in the management of the publication.  He has also trained numerous writers and have taught us important tips in effective news reporting based on his own experiences.

Mr. William’s retirement will surely be sad news to everyone.  But instead of greeting it with sorrow, let us all strive harder to live up to his example.


Eve Margon

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