Resume Introduction Letter

Mr. Gene Wales

High Street, Highgate

London, N6 9JG

December 4, 2010

Ms. Janet Simmons

Human Resources Officer

MT Company

Dear Ms. Simmons,

Good day!

I have learned from a newspaper adverstisement that you have a job vacancy for the position of sales representative.  I would like to apply for the said position and have attached my resume for your consideration.  Character references are available at your request.

I have a master’s degree in sales from an excellent university which I finished recently.  I have previously been employed as a sales representative for five years, right after finishing my baccalaureate degree at the same university.  During my post, I have dealt with various clients which includes top companies and international groups.  I have a good service record from my previous employer and have received recognition for consistently increasing sales in my area.

I will be more than willing to submit to an interview at your convenient time.  Should you have inquiries, please contact me at 020 8647 7429.

Thank you.

Truly yours,

Gene Wales

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