Resignation Letter of Director

Mr. Michael Bell

Fortune Motors Corporation

10 Crutched Friars

London EC3N 2PH

September 10, 2011

Mr. Allen Putnam


Fortune Motors Corporation

10 Crutched Friars

London EC3N 2PH

Dear Mr. Putnam,

As I have announc ed during the Board Meeting with the presence of majority of the members of the

board last August 25, 2011, I am relinquishing my post as Director of Fortune Motors Corporation. This

letter serves as my official notice of resignation effective October 10, 2011.

I am accepting the offer of Grand Motors International to spearhead their Asia Pacific branch which will

commence operation by the first quarter of 2012. This is an opportunity that any man in my position will

not forego. Just as I have related to you, I owe much to your organization what skills and leadership I am

bringing with me in this new endeavor.

I will make sure to get in touch with you and the rest as soon as I am settled in my foreign assignment.

Meantime, I can still be reached in my contact number 020 8432 9956.

More power to Fortune Motors Corporation.


Michael Bell

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