Resignation Letter HR

September 25, 2010

Mr. Alexander Foskett


UK Marketing Group

Saffron Walden

Essex, CB12 3

Dear Sir:

As per company policy, I hereby officially tender to your office my resignation from the position of sales representative of your company.  I have already tendered my resignation letter to my immediate supervisor as also required by the company.

I am aware of the procedure I need to follow before I am able to leave my post at the company.  I will be available to undertake these steps at your convenient time.  I have also been given official documents required for resignation.  These have already been signed and are ready for submission as soon as needed.

I have enclosed with this letter the company files that need to be turned over.  Please inform me if there are other requirements I have failed to accomplish.  You may contact me at 01799 641 449 if you have any queries.

Thank you for a wonderful job experience with your company.


Mr. Paul Richards

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