Resignation Letter Format


Name [name of the recipient]

Designation [designation in which the recipient is working]

Organization [the department in which the recipient is working and the name of the organization from which the sender is resigning]

Date [date on which the letter is being drafted]

Subject [mention the precise subject or reason for writing the letter]

Respected Sir/ Madam [appropriate salutation]

1st paragraph: [In the first paragraph mention your name, designation, employee id and department in which you are working. Do mention the reason for writing the letter,  that is you are resigning]

2nd paragraph: [In the 2nd paragraph mention the reason for resigning. You can also mention the date of joining and your experience of working in the organization]

3rd paragraph: [In the 3rd paragraph convey your regards and mention that if you get an opportunity you would work in the organization again]

Yours sincerely,

Name [name of the sender]

Designation [designation of the sender]

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