Resident Welcome Letter


Will Jones

Flat number 3045,

Darwin Street

Stocks field, Number land

Dear Mr. Jones

I am writing this letter to welcome you in our residential block on Darwin Street. This is a beautiful place to live and people who live in this residential block are very helpful. I am writing this letter on behalf of all the residents in our building and we are very glad to have you as our new neighbor. This building is quite old and most of the residents are here for quite a long time.

All of us have always contributed to maintain this building as a peaceful and beautiful place. I am sure you will also follow this trend and will enjoy living here. We hold inter society meetings every fortnight. The next meeting is on coming Sunday. I hope you will join the meeting and discuss your experience and issues, if any.

Wish you a nice stay in our building and society.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Stevens

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