Requesting a Holiday Letter

November 2, 2010

Gerry King


Best Supplies Co.

Blackheath Lane

Stafford, ST19 0AD

Dear Mr. King,

I am writing this letter concerning the annual holidays that I am allowed to avail this year 2010.

I would like to request for the holidays from December 10 to 30, 2010 since I will be visiting my relatives and friends in Canada in celebration of the Christmas season.  I will immediately be returning to work on the first day of work next year.

Rest assured that I will finish all the tasks I have been assigned before leaving for the said holidays.  I will also submit a report of the finished tasks to ensure that none have been left undone.  Should my services be needed at the time of my holidays, I may be contacted and will willingly help in any way I can.

Thank you.  I look forward to your kind consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Tim Roberts

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