Rental Agreement Letter

August 29, 2010

This Rental Agreement Letter Between Mr. Noel Hughes Of 39 Cherwell Drive, Birmingham, West Midlands, Hereafter Called ‘Landlord’ And Mr. Mark Eastwood Of 21 Vivian Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, Hereafter Called ‘Tenant’ Is Made This 29th Day Of August, 2010.  The Landlord Hereby Agrees To Rent To The Tenant The 10-Hectare Lot And Two-Story Building Located In London, United Kingdom, Every Month Starting On September 30, 2010 For A Period Of One Year After Which This Agreement Is Terminated On September 30, 2011.  The Landlord And The Tenant Agree To The Following Terms And Conditions For Rental:

  1. Tenant Will Pay To The Landlord An Amount Of £100 As Rental Fee To Be Paid In Cash Every 1st Day Of Every Month Until 5:00 Pm.
  2. Tenant Will Deposit A Sum Of £100 As A Deposit Which Will Promptly Be Refunded By The Landlord At The Time Of Termination Of Agreement After Ensuring No Damage Is Done To The Lot And Property.

Accepted On August 30, 2010.

Noel Hughes                                                                Mark Eastwood

(Landlord)                                                                    (Tenant)

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