Rent Office Letter


Mr. William Lee

Sales Manager

Kingston Electronics Limited

22, Central Avenue, Western London


23rd  August 2012

Sub: Formal Order Letter

Dear William,

As per our conversation on 12/08/2012 we are happy to place an order of 1000 pen drive. Out of them we want 200 pen drives of 2GB, 500 pen drives of 4GB and 300 pen drives of 8GB memory capacity respectively on the following terms and conditions

  1. The cost of each pen drive for 2GB would be 4$, for 4 GB it would be 8$ and for 8 GB pen drive it would be 12$ inclusive of all tax.
  2. The payment terms would be such that 20 % of the total amount will be given as advance with order and 70 % of the amount on the delivery date and the rest 10% of the balance will be given after inspecting the pen drives. All the payment will be made in cheques.
  3. The delivery will be made in the official address: Apex Electronics, 23 Camay Street. Eastern London.
  4. Any violation to the above terms and condition will lead to the cancellation of the order without any prior discussion and notice.

We look forward for a long professional relationship with you.

Thanking you

David Hare

General Manager

Apex Electronics

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