Rejection Follow Up Letter


John Woods

Recruitment Manager

Gas Garments Limited

45 Downey Street

New South Wales, United Kingdom 4578

Dated: 12th of August 2012

Subject: Latter for rejection follow up

Respected Mr. Woods,

This letter is in regards to the application made by me for the job position of in house fashion designer for which you conducted an interview on 5th of August 2012. I received a letter from your end stating that I have been rejected for the job.

I would like to first thank you for selecting me for the first interview round and taking out time to conduct my interview. I am writing to know the exact reason for me not getting selected for the job. Did you reject me because of my work experience as that of a freelance designer and you are looking for a candidate with full time working experience.  I have pursued my degree in fashion designing from a reputed fashion designing school. Though I am a freelancer there is great demand of my garments in the market.

I am looking forward to the reason of my rejection. It would be really help me to prepare if I am applying for the same position in the future.


Maher Joe

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