Reference Letter


Owen Luke

Chief Secretary,

Anderson Swimming Club.

21 West Side Street

York Shire 5678

United Kingdom.

Subject: Reference for club membership

Respected Sir,

I, being a life member of our club would like to refer my friend Jerry Tim for membership in our club.

I have been a member of this club since last ten years and aware about all the policies and procedures of the club. I can ensure that if my friend is also granted membership in the club he would also follow all the policies and procedures and would never break the rules. I have briefed him about the club rules. My friend is a successful businessman and holds membership in a number of reputed clubs in the city. He is also ready to pay the required membership fees in advance.

I would be highly thankful to you if you consider my reference and grant him membership in the club.

Thanking you,

Ben Stiller

Life Member



Reference Letters

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