Recommendation Letter


Mr. Jimmy Hendrix

Managing Director,

Gas garments Limited

Tech Web Building,

12 Genuine High Road

New Hampshire, UK

Subject: Recommendation for the position of an employee in your organization

Dear Sir,

I, Paul Ray working in the position of a managing director in Clothes Manufacturers would like to recommend Neil Payne for the position of a manager in your organization.

Neil Payne was worked in our organization for a period of two years from 11th November 2009 to 11th November 2011 in the position of an assistant manager. During his working tenure there has not been a single leave or absence from work. He is a very punctual as he always reached office on time. As an employee he has always been efficient and also a great team leader and he often used to motivate his team to give better output.

I am sure that if selected, he will surely prove to be an asset for your organisation.

Thanking you,

Paul Ray.


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