Recommendation Letter To Student


Greg Fredrick


Henry Ford School

W-78, second street, Marks square


Date: 17th June 2012

Subject: recommendation letter

Dear Greg

I, Tim Markson, the Science teacher at Potter’s international school am writing this letter to you in order to make a recommendation. I am recommending a Science Tuition teacher to you whose name is Jackson Andrews. Mr. Jackson Andrews has been running Home tuitions for the past 7 years and is very popular in this field. He teaches 8th, 9th and 10th class students by visiting their homes and charges $25 per hours. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and hardworking teacher, who takes each of his students very seriously and helps them to build their knowledge and excel in studies,

I have known Mr. Andrews because he used to work in the school where I teach but he resigned from the position due to his passion for Home tuitions. We have managed to maintain our relationship in all these years because I find him to be an intelligent man and a great human being. He believes in clearing of concepts and not mugging up of content. I am sure he will be of great help to you. His contact number is 47039473904.

Yours well wisher

Tim Markson

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