Recommendation Letter To A Teacher


Greg Timothy

Senior Mathematics teacher

St. Xavier’s School

A-23, Tim Street, Red lane,


Date: 2nd May 2012

Subject: recommendation letter for Fredrick Mathews

Respected Mr. Greg

I, David Pattinson, the English Teacher working at St. Peters School, London am writing this letter to you in order to recommend Fredrick Mathews for Mathematics tuitions at your Home Tuition batch. Fredrick Mathews is a student at St. Peters school and requires Tuitions to improve his grades. He is studying in 9th Standard and has been my student for 3 years. Fredrick is an extremely hardworking student who has never taken home tuitions before but requires them this time because the Mathematics teacher working at our school has been unwell for quite some time.

I can give you my personal guarantee that he shall not disappoint you and will help you infact to raise the standard of your class. He has always been amongst the top 5 students and has managed to score well in Mathematics as well. I am making this recommendation because I think a bright student like him should not suffer due to absence of a teacher at school. I hope you will contact me soon with your response.

Your friend,

David Pattinson

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