Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies


Ronald Moss,

School Trustee,

James Higher Secondary School,

23 Lake Drive lane

Sussex County, United Kingdom

Subject: Recommendation for higher studies

Dear Sir,

I would like to recommend a student of our school for the purpose of higher studies in your school. The name of the student is Luke Kenny and he has finished eighth standard from our school this month.

Luke’s father is getting transferred to Sussex County, so he has to join a new school for higher studies. As a student Luke has always been an all rounder. He was not only good in academics but also excelled in the field of sports. He was also helpful towards his class mates and very disciplined and never broke any rules of the school.

It will be a booster for his academic career if he gets admission in a reputed school like yours. I would request you to consider my recommendation.

-Thanking you,

Noel Lee,

Principal, Flower School.


Recommendation Letters

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