Recommendation Letter For A Nursing School


Mathew Haywards


St. Johns Nursing School


Date: 4th Oct 2012

Subject: Recommendation letter for Miss Kylie Brown

Respected Mr. Mathews

I, Ronald Jackson the Principal of Potter’s nursing institute, am writing this letter to recommend to you Miss Kylie Brown for the position of a teacher in your nursing school. I have known Kylie since the time she came to our institute for her interview which was 3 years ago. She impressed me with her qualifications, knowledge and passion for teaching. Since then, she has only grown personally and professionally in this field and is ready to take up a more challenging position in an institute such as yours.

I strongly suggest that you hire her if you require someone who can instill the right education, human values and patience in the students who wish to become nurses or nursing attendants. She has always been my favorite employee and I really feel that she will do justice to the name and reputation of your nursing school. Her ability to handle tough situations and perform her duties with grace and poise make her suitable for this role.

Hoping that she will get selected

Thanking you

Ronald Jackson

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