Recommendation Letter For A Nurse


Greg Osury

Head, Timothy Medical clinic

Park Street


Date: 23rd April 2012

Subject: Recommendation letter for Sarah Johnson

Dear Mr. Greg

I, Tim Mathews am the head of nursing department of London Medical centre and have 12 years of experience of working in this field. I have known Miss Sarah Johnson for over 3 years as she has worked for our clinic as a registered nurse for this time span. In this time that I have known her, I have found her to be extremely caring and considerate towards patients, especially children and elderly. She is not only hardworking but also has exceptional qualifications and knowledge.

I strongly recommend her for the post of the senior nurse in your prestigious clinic as she will definitely prove to be of great help and will carry out her duties really well.  I am confident of the fact that you won’t be disappointed by her in any way as she will handle the duties of a senior nurse with responsibility, precision and a passion that arises from the fact that she has a heart that goes out in the service of others. I hope that you will hire her.

Thanking you

Tim Mathews

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