Receptionist Application Letter


Ms Elizabeth,

D-3, Wilson House,

Draper Lane,



Dr Richard,

Dexter House,


Dear Dr Richard,

This letter has been drafted in reference from the current receptionist of your Hudson House Clinic, Ms Stella. This letter is an application in order to seek the job of the receptionist for your new clinic in Privet Drive. I would want to take this opportunity to make you aware of the fact that I have been doing the job of receptionist for a period of last 3 years and I have considerable amount of experience to cope up with the pressure of the job in a new clinic.

After realising that the job of receptionist is available in your clinic, I have been eager to seek this job since the job destination is very close to my residence and I shall be able to serve the job for being relieved on the personal front. I am looking forward to working in your esteemed company in the new Privet Drive clinic.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Elizabeth

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