Real Estate Termination Letter


Leonardo Noelle

Real Estate Agent

High Real Estate Agency



4th February 2013

Subject: Real estate termination letter

Dear Mr. Noelle,

This letter is to inform you about your termination from the job post of a real estate agent from High Real Estate Agency. The termination would be effective from 10th February 2013. We greatly regret to send you this real estate termination letter but this decision has been taken after considering your performance and other aspects related to your work.

As a real estate agent, it was totally unacceptable to deal with the customers and clients in such an unfavourable manner. Also, after the repeated verbal and written warnings, you were not able to achieve the set targets and objectives that a real estate agent has to meet, according to the policies of our real estate agency.

Your dishonesty, lack of conduct, irregularity and other such factors has led to your termination.

In reference to this real estate termination letter, you are requested to return to the agency your agent code details, ID card, laptop, and other possessions latest by 7th February. The unpaid salary and dues would be paid to you on the last day of your employment.

Please meet Mr. Eric Bob for the future proceeding of your termination. For other details, you may contact on 48394939.

Thanking you for your services and we wish you all the best for your future endeavours.


Jacob Neo

HR Manager

High Real Estate Agency

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