Real Estate Hardship Letter


Neil Bond

56, Residential Complex, Central Avenue

Western London, UK

Phone number-1234578965

Account number-14569873263


Phelps Flattop

General Manager

Great eastern bank of London

New South ales city Branch, London


Sub- Real estate hardship letter

Respected sir

I want to inform you I have taken housing loan from your bank ten years ago with a payback period of thirty years in order to fund a luxury apartment. For the past ten years I have successfully been able to pay up all my EMI till the month of March 2012.Fianncial trouble started with me in the month of April 2012 when I lost my job because my company went bankrupt because of the ongoing recession cycle.

Since the month of April 2012 I am not having any job but I am trying my level best by continuously giving interview in different companies in order to land up a job as soon as possible. Unfortunately I have not being able to bag any job till now. My financial conditions are declining every month as I am using my savings to meet the basic necessities of day to day life.

I am requesting to understand the situation of my financial hardship and would request you restructure my real estate housing loan so that I do not lose it possession.

Yours sincerely

Neil bond

16th June 2012

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