Purchase Termination Letter


Mr Jonathan Greece,

Sales manager,

YBZ mall


Ms Kirsten,


Purchase department,

YBZ mall

Dear Ms Kirsten,

This letter has been drafted to consider the sales and the purchase of certain goods. The YBZ mall has been under severe pressure for maintaining the profit margins in the recent couple of months because of the ongoing recessive mode. Hence, the management has decided to curb on the sales of certain goods which do not yield much profit. The list of all the products whose purchase needs to be terminated is being enclosed along with the letter.

There have been some changes introduced in the list of the products which was contemplated n the prior meetings; hence take a note of all the changes. Kindly intimate me about the acknowledgement of the list reception, since the further procedure rests on this. Some of the products stand out in their performance and hence the purchase of these products has been terminated on a small term basis, as indicated in the list.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Jonathan Greece

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