Purchase Order Vendor Letter


John Watson

General Manager

DCM Auto Components Private Limited

78, Rover Street, Southern London


5th September 2012

Sub: Purchase order vendor letter.

Dear Mr. John

I am writing this letters to place an order for the procurement of two thousand pieces of wind screens for our different vehicles. I am a enclosing a detailed order list which includes all the technical specification about the type of wind screens that we intend to procure. You are requested to supply quality products as you are one of the most trusted vendors to our company for the last fifteen years.

I am herewith enclosing a pay order of $30000 as advance amount for the order. You are requested to send the entire consignment within the q5 days. You will get the balance of your payment within 10 days after you complete the delivery of all the windscreens.

Hope that you will supply the windscreen on time .I will look forward for an order confirmation letter from your side. Hope that we share a long term professional relationship. You can contact us on 998-8889-888 if you have any query regarding the order.

Yours Sincerely

M ark Peterson

Director (Purchase Department)

GLR Automobiles Private Limited

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