Public Reference Letter


Mr Goblin,




All citizens,


Dear people,

This letter has been put into effect to refer some of the nature friendly habits to be incurred in the citizens of the Worcestershire city. These habits shall help the authorities to cope up with their task in an efficient and a convenient way. People of the Worcestershire city seem to neglect the importance of green cover for their city. This is apparent from the fact that the city has seen a constant decline in the mass effort to keep up the green cover in the city.

The list of the habits to be incurred upon oneself has been enclosed along with the letter and people are requested to do the needful in the most favourable way. Those who are found not abiding with required action to be performed shall face the consequences for their act in the coming future. the actions referred are for the benefit of each and everyone.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Goblin

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