Public Holiday Letter


Will Smith

Branch Manager

Organized Finance Services Limited

23 Times Square Avenue

East London, UK 6790

Dated: 1st of July 2012

Subject: Declaration of public holiday for all the employees

Dear Will,

This is to inform you that all the branches and offices of our bank will remain closed on 5th of July 2012 as it is a public holiday. I would request you to convey this message to all the employees of your branch.

5th of July is observed as a public holiday every year as it is World Green Peace Day. On this day as per the government rules all public as well as private sectors should remain closed. Thus our bank also observes this day as a public holiday every year and remains closed. I would request you to declare this information much before 5th of July for the convenience of the employees as well as the customers. This public holiday may also turn out to be a welcome break for the employees as they are currently under tremendous business pressure.

I would like to wish you happy holiday and hope you enjoy it and make best use of it.


Gary Lawyer

Chief Executive Officer

Organized Finance Services Limited

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