Proposal Rejection Letter

Mr. Jerry Walker


123 Suppliers, Inc.

London, E15 5SB

August 2, 2010

Mr. Stanley Wathey


New Line Clothing, Co.

Dear Mr. Wathey,

I regret to inform you that your business proposal has been rejected by our Board of Directors.

The BOD has scrutinized and discussed your proposed business project with our company and we have considered all the good points that would result from the proposal. The project is an excellent one, however, we have carefully weighed the risks versus the benefits and we have decided that it would be too costly for the company.  We have other projects that are currently on-going and we would not have enough funds for your proposal.

I believe the project would be feasible if it would be refined to better suit our financial capacity and if it would come at a later time.  I hope you would send us another proposal in the future as we think highly of your good record.

Thank you and may you succeed in your other endeavors.

Truly yours,

Jerry Walker

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