Proposal Offer Letter


Mr Stephen,

Person in-charge,

YHT construction materials


Mr Goblin,

The site manager,

Scale Heights constructions

Dear Mr Goblins,

This letter has been drafted with the intent of making the proposal for the supply of the construction material for the new project undertaken by your firm at the shore of the city. The list of the details of the proposal has been enclosed along with the letter. Considering the scale at which the project has been undertaken by your firm, the YHT construction material is completely capable of satisfying the needs of the construction material for the concerned project.

The quality of the construction material is the thing which you have been experiencing for the last 2 years for different projects undertaken in this period. There has not been even a single grief moment for the quality of the construction material not only from your side but also from all other construction companies which we have dealt with. I hope for a new business deal coming our way in near future.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Stephen

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