Proposal Letter Template

Mr. Nigel Thorne

City Councilor


November 7, 2010

Ms. Mary Bean


Human Electronics, Co.

Dear Ms. Bean,

This December 1, the city will be holding a Christmas tree lighting and fireworks display for all residents to welcome the Christmas season.  We will be giving awards to recognize exceptional citizens and groups, including businesses, that have given invaluable contributions and service to the city.

We hope to keep the government’s expenses for the activity to the minimum and we are looking for generous sponsors to finance the said event.  As such, we are proposing for your company to be one of the sponsors by providing financial support of any amount.  In return, your company will be included in the advertisements for the activity and will also be recognized during the program.  You will also be allowed to put up a small booth to display your company’s products a week before the activity and during the actual event.

Thank you.  We hope you continue supporting the positive growth of our city.

Truly yours,

Nigel Thorne

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