Proposal Letter For Salary Increase


Peter Mathew

Head, HR department

F-89, first floor, latter enclave


Date: 4th Nov 2012

Subject: proposal letter for salary increase

Respected Mr. Mathew

I, David Guetta am writing this letter to propose to you the idea for the increase in salary of all junior marketing managers in the company. I too work as a junior marketing manager in the marketing department of the company and have been working at this position for 2 years now. I get a salary of $600 per month and haven’t really got an increment in my term of working for this organization. I wish to request you to increase my salary as I have given my devotion, dedication and hardwork for the success of the company continuously.

This request is being written by me also on behalf of all the other junior marketing managers who too feel that the salary is insufficient and must be increased. I had written a proposal letter for salary increase to the head of the department Mr. Raymond Taylor as well but he suggested me to direct this letter to you rather than him. I really hope that you will consider this proposal and revert back with a positive response.

Thanking you

David Guetta

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