Proposal Cover Letter

Dear Sir/Madam:

After a series of studies and surveys between and among our valued customers over the years and some of our newest clients with regards to the other services that they would like our company to have and for them to avail of, a proposal has come to thought.

Attached is the full length proposal for other services that we can offer our clients and such services can really be of great necessity and value to all our customers. This proposal also aims at earning more for the company in terms of profits and investments.

Attached also is the result of the studies and surveys that can really guide our plans should we choose to proceed with this proposal.

This proposal is also open to suggestions and changes as it may deem necessary to attain the fullest benefit for our company.

I am hoping that you can find time to study this proposal.

I will be waiting for your comments, suggestions and response.

Thank you very much.

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