Property Tax Assessment Letter


Williams Henry

Tax Manager

Wins Tax Department



4th February 2013

Subject: Property tax assessment letter

Respected Sir,

We are writing this letter to request you for the assessment of our following property: House number 32, 3rd floor, Avenue Street, Nottingham. This property is our primary residence and we are writing to request for its tax assessment.

We have renovated our property and we would like to have its tax assessment done. The earlier assessments that were done were according to the previous designs and values however we would like to have the tax assessment of our property according to the fair market value. Following are the characteristics of our property:

1)      The property is built under the area of 1000 square foot.

2)      The previous assessed value of the property tax was $400.

3)      The lot acreage is approximately 100 square foot.

4)      Other pertinent details are mentioned in the enclosed document.

The above mentioned characteristics and details about our property would help you in the correct and accurate tax assessment. We hope that you would look into the matter soon.

For further details and information, you may contact on 4838483.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Troy Holmes

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