Property Tax Appeal Letter

Mr. Clive Coyne

Burnbank Place, Aberdeen

Aberdeenshire, Ab19 8tq

December 12, 2010

Mr. Edward Downes

Manager – Property Concerns

Reliable Group

Dear Mr. Downes,

Good Day!

I Write This Letter With Regard To The Land I Purchased Last October.  I Have Been Paying My Tax Payments For The Said Land But After Reading Several Articles On Your Company Website, I Found Out That I Have Been Paying An Amount Higher Than The Current Tax Tariff.

Please See The Copy Of My Property Tax Payment Which I Have Attached For Your Reference.  The Payment Difference Is Clearly Seen In The Documents.  I Was Not Able To Recognize The Difference Earlier And I Hope That The Problem Be Resolved Soon.  The Tax Difference Is Quite A Large Sum And It Is A Big Loss To Me To Be Paying More Than I Should.

Thank You.  I Look Forward To Your Speedy Action.


Clive Coyne

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