Property Management Termination Letter


Shane Wills

Property concierge

House Number 45, 7TH Floor

Royale’s Street



4th February 2013

Subject: Property management termination letter

Dear Mr. Wills,

I am writing this letter to notify you about your termination from the duty of being a property supervisor. I have hired you on 12/10/2011 as the part of my property management team to carefully look and manage various aspects related to my property number 12, situated at Florida Street, Buckingham.

You were being appointed to look after the entries and exit of cars, people and loading vehicles in and around the premises. Also, you were responsible to manage the working of other staff members of the property management team such as the gatekeeper, peons, builders etc and maintain their registers.

After the careful consideration and repeated warnings, you have been showing high absenteeism from your duties. Your disobedience, casual nature and low level of conduct towards your work have led to this termination. The property management termination would be as effective from 10th February 2013.

You are requested to meet me tomorrow at my head office by 5:00 PM to return the gate keys and other possessions.

Thank you for your management and support during all this time.


George Paul


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