Promotion Recommendation Letter

Mr. Jason Wey, C.P.A.


Accounting Organization

March 15, 2011

Mr. Dwaine Harry


PRRC Internal Audit Firm

Dear Mr. Dwaine

I would like to extend by deepest gratitude to your office.  I am writing this recommendation letter for Ms. Heyna Go from Harvard University, since I know that she deserves to be recommended for her outstanding performance as one of the Cum Laude in last year’s school graduation.

I am the one who handled Ms Heyna Go as she became very active in the accounting organization and she was elected as Vice President.  She is always in the top 3 ranking in their class and makes it as Cum laude upon her graduation.  She academically excel and it has been proven most especially when she passed the CPA board exam and become one on the top10 on the lists.  She is very much trust worthy and capable to the position that she is applying for your respective company and I can assure of that.

If there is a need for further inquiry you can freely contact me at our office at 020 621 45 42.

Again, thank you for the time that you have given me.


Mr. Jason Wey, C.P.A.

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