Promotion Proposal Letter


Greg Peters

Managing director

Lawrence and Matt

D-45, main street road, London

Date: 9th June 2012

Subject: proposal for promotion

Respected Mr. Greg

Hello Sir. I hope you are doing well. I, Jack Donald am writing this letter to you to make a proposal for my promotion. I am currently working at the job position of a junior business development manager and have been working at this position for almost 2 years now. I have always been dedicated towards my work and duties and have also been given bonuses and increments every now and then. And now I feel that I can take up further responsibilities and challenges and got promoted to the position of a senior business development manager.

I make this request because I feel that I am ready to take up a more challenging role and push my limits to help the company in every possible way that I can. I have acquired all that is there to acquire at my current position and strongly believe that I am fit to take up the next big position. I hope that you will consider my proposal and discuss it with other senior officials so as to give me a reply to my request.

Thanking you

Jack Donald

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