Promotion Letters

A promotion is something that every employee desires and works hard towards, but this is not something that everyone deserves. A promotion is something that is obtained when the employee does some preset amount of work. A promotion letter is a way of informing the employee that he/she has been granted a promotion. A promotion letter consists of a congratulatory note along with the details of the position that the employee has been granted promotion to. At times these letters are also written by employees to request for promotion.

The following are the examples of promotion letters:

  • Clerical promotion letters
  • Manager promotion letters
  • Executive promotion letters


A promotion letter is an extremely professional kind of a document; it has to be framed with a formal tone throughout. The following are a few tips and suggestions that would be helpful while writing a promotion letter:

  1. The top left corner of the letter should consist of the date.
  2. The subject line of the letter should inform of the promotion granted to the employee.
  3. The first paragraph should contain the details of the work completed by the employee.
  4. The second Para should consist of the details of position to which the employee has been promoted to.
  5. The last Para should congratulate the employee and good luck wishes for the future.

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