Promotion Letter Reply

Managing Director,

SSC Foods Corporation

Dear Mr. Chu,

This is in response from your proposal letter that you are requesting for assistance in making a better marketing strategies and plans on your respective company, and we are approving your proposal.  Our investigating teams are done with their background on your side and it has been given a positive feedback.  And we are glad to work with your and have a good working relationship in the future.

We will assure you of providing the best performance that are needed in order to achieve your marketing targets and plans for this year.  And we provide you the most feasible way that is needed.

We are engaged as well with other companies right now and we are proud to say that we deliver the best services ever.

The contract and other detailed matters that are needed will be discussed further in the meeting to be scheduled in our both convenient time as possible.

Thanking you,


Howard Co,

Marketing Head

FE Marketing Services and Consultancy

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