Promotion Letter From Employer


Shagoptha Bailey

Assistant Manager,

Human Resource,

BK Insurance Inc.,


March 15, 2011

Dear Ms Shagoptha,

In behalf of the team of human resources, we would like to announce your promotion as a new Head in Human Resource Department in this 15th of March 2011.  You are chosen to be promoted since you have showed your exemplary performance from the time you were employed up to this very moment of your position.  And we are expecting more on you as you enter your new endeavor in the higher position right now.

The company has a great pride and honor to have you as one of the best employee and we believe on your continuance effort and excellence that will lead to the success of the company and for the benefits of the employee as well.

We will be sending to you the new contract for your new position, the new salary scheme and your lists of key responsibilities within the week.

Again, we congratulate you for your new level of success in your career.

Yours sincerely,

Andre Harsh

Managing Director

BK Insurance Inc.,


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